This year's Sunstone Symposium will include a session featuring new hymns by Fred Voros and Alan Eastman (Alan will be playing piano for the session). In keeping with the theme of this year's symposium, The Least of These: Embracing All, we will showcase hymns addressing social justice and inclusion. Our session, "Sing a New Song," will run from 10:15 am to 11:15 am on Saturday, July 29, in the Saltair Room of the Olpin Student Union, University of Utah. More info here.

This will be a hymn singalong, with no speaking except to set up the hymns. No singing ability is required to attend, though. In fact, you can just listen!

NOTE: A single session conference admission is $15 ($25 at the door). (Sorry we can't let you in for free.)


Download the mini-hymnal for this session here: "Sing a New Song."